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The Department of Environment and Water Resources has recently launched a new website that includes a number of important publications including detailed information about the National Plan for Water Security. Click here to access site

Particularly for Queensland growers but a valuable source of irrigation resources is the Rural Water Use Efficiency Initiative section on the site by the Department of Natural Resources and Mines, Queensland.

Services provided by the NSW Department of Land and Water Conservation includes:
NSW Water Information.

From this site you can access NSW Storage Reports.
This is a statewide table listing current level, percent full, discharge, inflow and rainfall.

And they also provide Storage Allocation Reports which are updated weekly on Mondays.
This page shows both the seasonal allocation and carrryover details by river valley.

QLD Dam Levels –

The Macaquarie River Food and Fibre Organisation:
Macquarie River Food & Fibre was formed in 1996 out of the Macquarie Valley Irrigators’ Association. The group represents the concerns and interests of over 600 irrigators and their families, over 90% of members being cotton producers. MRFF has close links with the Macquare Cotton Growers Association with both organisations invited to attend each others committee meetings and provided with all information sent to committee members.

MRFF works on policy for the Macquarie Valley irrigation industry, lobbying politicians and other decision makers; liaising with other stakeholders (NSW Farmers Association, environmentalists, local government etc.); running community relations projects; implementing a media strategy; and conducting an education program.

MRFF’s strategic plan flows from our ‘healthy rivers policy’ based on the Healthy Rivers Commission definition of a healthy river: encompassing the environmental, economic and social health and needs of the communities on that river. It stresses the importance of a sustainable irrigation industry with secure, reliable water supplies, to the future health of the Macquarie Valley.
Some aspects of our strategic plan are:

. Becoming more responsible and environmentally aware partners in the management of the water systems in the Macquarie Valley;
. Increasing the reliability and security of water supply to irrigators;
. The encouragement of sound environmental practices by both upper and lower catchment producers;
. Ensuring just compensation to minimise the impact of water reforms on irrigators;
. Ensuring full and properly measured implementation of the Macquarie Marshes Water Management Plan;
. Ensuring there is a clear and transparent process for licencing water users;
. Providing leadership in the management of the Macquarie river;
. and working with groundwater users to establish resource availability and determine sustainable yield.
Find more about Macquarie Food and Fibre at our website:

Macquarie 2100
A Landcare and Community Organisation
Our Valley
Our Future
Macquarie 2100: is a community organisation that has prepared a 100 year community, environmental and economic plan for the mid to lower Macquarie Valley, New South Wales, Australia.