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For those looking for work in agriculture around the world visit:

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There are many people interested in work experience in the cotton industry. If you are interested in hosting work experience students, either on farm or in related industries ie ginning or marketing, please email to websupport.
Also visit our bulletin board to find out about awards and shoclarships available.
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For Information about cotton in specific countries try this link…

Cotton Australia has a variety of educational items for download, including fact sheets and maps. click here

Some Interesting Australian Cotton Facts and Figures – courtesy Cotton Australia

Australia is the major producer of cotton in the Southern Hemishpere

About 70% of Australia’s cotton is grown in NSW, and 30% in Queensland. There are also small experimental areas in WA and NT.

There are 14 major cotton growing valleys, from Emerald, QLD in the north to Hillston, NSW in the south.

The majority of Australia’s cotton farms are owned and operated by family farmers.

There are about 1500 cotton growers in Australia.

All raw cotton fibre is ginned ( processed) in Australia.

Over 95% of the crop is exported, mainly to Indonesia, Japan, China, Thailand and South Korea.

Cotton earns more than $1.5 billion in export revenue for the nation.

Australia is the fourth largest exporter of cotton in the world.

Cotton is the fourth largest export commodity in Australia