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For material safety data sheet information click here:

Most parents share a concern about road safety and their children.Rural parents, including farm parents, have special cause for concern.Compared with urban areas: Down load the “Get Going” brochure here. – Courtesy of Farmsafe Australia

Another useful brochure called “Child Safety on Rural Properties” is available for download courtesy of Farmsafe Australia.
This is a useful checklist identifying farm hazards.

Fire ant, Solenopsis invicta, is a serious public nuisance and pest of agriculture in South America and the United States. It has now been detected in Brisbane, and there have been isolated nests found in other areas.For more information and links to other useful references about this please visit

Cotton Harvest Safety Video: This video is for employers, employees and contractors who work on cotton farms during cotton harvest. The aim of the video is to increase awareness of OH&S hazards at cotton harvest. It has been designed to compliment harvest training programs.

Electrical Hazard Awareness for Operators of High Machinery: Electricity is a vital source of energy used daily by thousands of Australian households, businesses and work-sites. While the Australian electricity network is one of the safest and most reliable in the world, it is not without its hazards.

For free, independent financial advice for farming families and small rural businesses: Rural Counselling

Far West Area Health Service:

Commonwealth Care Link : Commonwealth Carelink Centres offer a new way for all Australians to access information about community and other aged care services, with a single phone call or visit to a Commonwealth Carelink Centre shopfront.
The Centres act as a single point of contact, providing reliable information and guidance about community care services and aged care homes available in the local community.
The Centres will assist older Australians with their choice to remain living independently in their own home.
Commonwealth Carelink Centres can provide information to older Australians, their families, carers, general practitioners, other health professionals or anyone else who needs this information.